Chicago adventures. Hip-Hop.

Producer Odd Couple danced his ass off with a hype set while he closed out the night at Emporium last week.

Brothers Gold Status and Smoko Ono kept the night moving last week at Emporium with an energized DJ set.

GrindHouse artist Doc Da Mindbenda played a live instrumental set, featuring all original production at Emporium last week.

Last week’s WindChill event at Emporium was a success. Producer/Closed Sessions engineer BoatHouse graced us with a cloudy DJ set featuring almost entirely original production. 

MC TREEG closed out the night on a strong note, playing plenty of memorable tracks alongside New Deal Crew member Chris Crack. 

Dre Green got spacey and soulful, fog machine and all. 

Jarred AG took the stage and played some great material, including “Malcriado” with Izzy Rythm. 

SolarFive (of OnGaud) and Hurt Everybody (Carl & SupaBwe) started off the night at Emporium last week. The Wicker Park bar/arcade is slowly becoming one of my favorite venues in Chicago. 

I saw Glass Animals at Empty Bottle last week and I took horrid photos the entire night. Although it was an incredible show, I have little evidence to prove this claim. That being said, I took two cool photos as soon as I got outside. 

I went to Warren Dunes State Park in Michigan yesterday with an old friend and we couldn’t had asked for a better day. 

The boats of Puerto Engabao, Ecuador. 2012.

I worked at The Children’s Museum in Indianapolis for a little over a year. This glass monster (the largest permanent glass installation in the world) never became mundane; it was stunning every single day.

The world deserves these pictures. 2008, taken with my first shitty digital camera. This is my sophomore dorm room, covered in album covers, paintings, photos of my dad in college, and more. Shout-out Elton John, Blue Man Group, and The Mars Volta. Also, my friend Jordan is wearing my purple Cool Kids shirt which has since disappeared and my friend Sarah is wearing my gigantic hoodie which I still have. 

Last week, I spent the afternoon with one man band Netherfriends. Expect a full-length article and new music coming soon.

I spoke with Chicago producer Doc Da Mindbenda for MishkaNYC and he was grateful enough to give us an exclusive instrumental. Read the interview and stream the new track here:


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