Chicago adventures. Hip-Hop.

Haiti. 2010.

Music festival season is right around the corner. Here are two from Moby’s DJ set at 2010’s North Coast Music Festival. Moby is awesome and so are you. And yes, that woman is topless.

I should be sleeping. Instead, here’s a picture of Hippie Dream, Monster Mike, and Lucki Ecks during a shoot last fall. 

Joey Purp and Kami de Chukwu are: Leather Corduroys. Check out their stellar debut EP here: https://soundcloud.com/leather-corduroys/porno-music-volume-ii-tsfr

Read an exclusive interview with Leather Cords over at Viper Magazine: http://vipermag.com/leather-corduroys-cant-exist-an-abstract-conversation/

Craziest place I have ever slept. Above the clouds, on top of the world.

Indianapolis, Indiana.

South Bend, Indiana. 

THEMpeople: Sean Deaux, LBoogie, Michael Anthony, and Young Zigg. South side of Chicago. The production/art collective were shooting visuals for their upcoming project, SmokeBreaks 4, which should be out very soon. Keep your ears ready.

The inside of a bar and the outside of a taco house, the latter of which hosts a worship service every Sunday, complete with live music and breakfast tacos. Austin, Texas. 2014.

Purple Rorschach

Ricky Rozay on the ground. The last picture I took in Austin, Texas. SXSW. 2014.

Taylor Gang. Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods, and Berner. SXSW. 2014.

ZMoney and his crew put on the best show that I saw in Texas. Be sure to check him out when he stampedes through your city on some Godzilla shit. SXSW. 2014.

Even though I have seen Saba and his Pivot Gang about a dozen times in Chicago, I still caught him twice in Texas. Always a great show. So much energy. SXSW. 2014.

Lil’ Bibby stopped by this warehouse showcase and only performed one song because the crowd was too tiny. Hard to respect an artist that does something like that. Easily the most uncomfortable show I’ve ever attended. SXSW. 2014.

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