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Netherfriends: a series of smoke smiles. Attic. Chicago. 2014.

Netherfriends and friends. Attic life. 2014.

Both artists Blake and Angel Katz spent time in the attic, stepping into the booth multiple times each to freestyle over Netherfriends production.

Rapper/197 member Kolby Woods spent more time freestyling over Netherfriends production than anyone else. Respect.

Bernie Levv. Netherfriends’ attic. 2014. 

Bassist/multi-instrumentalist/producer Carter Lang stopped by the attic to enjoy the live tunes and play a little bass.

Rapper Rich Jones (of Second City Citizens) stopped by the attic to lend some bars over live Netherfriends instrumentation. 

One man band Netherfriends had an attic party the other Friday, where he created live instrumentation for 40 minutes while the brave stepped up to the booth to give their all at a freestyle. Netherfriends invited over rappers, singers, a bassist, and a photographer (me) who tried his best to capture it all. 

"Never have a job, but always work harder than anyone you know. And you will find that the work that you do is just a lens through which to view and experience the world, and only for a time. The goal is to make living itself and the act of being alive one’s vocation, knowing full well that nothing ultimately can be planned or anticipated, no blueprint found to predict the outcome of something as complex as a human life. If one can remain open to the potential of the new, the promise of the unimagined, then magic happens, and a life takes form."

-Wade Davis

Monster Mike closed out Jerry’s alongside Kolby Woods (they are in a group together called I Was Drunk as Fuck Yesterday), Frank Leone, The Guys, and Young Fiji. 197.

Hurt Everybody played eight songs in 15 minutes at Jerry’s the other night. Producer ZenZan came on stage during “Thot Goddess” and it all felt like a dream. 

One man band Netherfriends slayed his set in Wicker Park the other night. Embrace the paisley. 

Monday at Chicago’s Emporium was very cool. Thelonious Martin and BoatHouse both delivered top notch DJ sets and plenty of homies came through. Be sure to check out our next event in September!

I interviewed Chicago trio OnGaud and we talked about Mick Jenkins’ new project The Water[s], as well as Breaking Bad, and why Chicago music isn’t being played on Chicago radios. 


I love and miss Ecuador and I don’t need to wait for a Thursday in order to express that. 

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